Well told stories for your clients to resonate with

PopcornSet is a video production agency that believes in the power of the story.
We know the best results come when you lead with people and emotion and when viewers resonate with the message and connect with the brand.

Whether you need a concept or pre production, or maybe just production and post production for your corporate video, we adapt to the distinctive needs of all of our clients, big or small. We also offer blueprints on how to create video content in-house.


We specialize in story-based films, but we love getting creative for just about everything else. We work locally and abroad.

We care about your results

We have a process so you won’t have to worry about a thing. You will know every step of the way from the beginning as we will eliminate uncertainty.


Step 1
Book a free 20’ discovery call
Step 2
Receive a customed proposal
Step 3
We produce a video for your audience to resonate and to inspire them to action
Step 4
We celebrate the results